Play checkers against computer hard

play checkers against computer hard

Games for the Brain. Play neverending quiz, memory & brain games to train your thinking. | Bonus Room | About This site uses cookies. By continuing to use it. The board game Checkers is played on an 8x8 board and each player has 12 checker pieces. This is a head to head game, so play against the computer's. Play the classic game of checkers online against your computer. You are the white side and the computer is dark green. Try to stop the computer's pieces from. Join FREE Chess Social Network! Get your checkers kinged as soon as possible, as this will allow them to move freely around the board. Give me 21 Days and I'll Show You How to Become a Dramatically Better Chess Player Your opponent is tricky, and difficult to beat, so your move planning abilities must be at their best. Move your checkers into your opponent's row to get kinged. Kinged checkers can move forward and backward so these are very valuable. Tell your friends about FreeBackgrounds. You can now play checkers versus the computer or with a friend whenever you want! Master Checkers game Adjust Screen Maximize. To play, you need to increase your browser window size or use a higher resolution for online memory screen. Join FREE Chess Social Barbie ärztin Get Top Chess Courses by a Grandmaster! Play Checkers in big Window. What, if You imagine, You can be really good at Chess? You can capture the opponent's pieces by jumping over .

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Checkers, also called draughts or draught in some other countries is a board game played on a board that has sixty-four squares like chess. Home Play more fun games online Win money just by visiting Springfrog Add your web site to Springfrog search engine Earn lifetime commissions with Springfrog's Affiliate Program Signup for free with Springfrog now. My Profile points My Profile Edit Profile My games Log out. Fun family games online, classic games.. Add this game to your web page! About Us FAQs Site Policy Advertise a Game Help for Gamers Contact Us. Summer Fashion Dress Up. The key to victory is getting your pieces to the opposite end of the board, where a piece becomes a King. Take turns against the computer, moving your Checkers pieces diagonally across the board. It is the best I found in the internet. Play this game on your mobile phone! You control the red Checkers pieces at the top of the game screen, your opponent controls the blue pieces. Use your superior thinking skills to your advantage, and plot your way to ultimate victory. It has twelve pieces on each side. When you jump a checker of the opposite color, the checker is removed from the board. Search for more help: Get Top Chess Courses by a Grandmaster!

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